Brad Sellers is an American football quarterback currently on the roster for the Birmingham Iron of the Elite Football League. Sellers played high school football at Goodland High School in Goodland, Kansas from 2011-12 to 2014, and played college football at Northwest Tech from 2015-2016 and at Marshall University from 2017-2018. Noted for his versatility, toughness, and almost unmatched football IQ, Sellers earned the nickname "Mr. Football" and is regarded as the greatest college football player of all-time.

High School Football Edit

Sellers was the starting quarterback at Goodland High School from the 2011-2014 seasons. While Goodland would never win a state title with Sellers, his talent was well-known around the country. It wasn't long before schools started recruiting him. Sellers rejected several offers from big-name schools such as Kansas State, LSU, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio State. His reason was because he wanted to stay as close to his home as possible. Luckily for Sellers, there was an opportunity on the horizon waiting for him.

College Football Edit

Northwest Tech (2015-2016) Edit

Sellers was recruited by another school his senior year, the Northwest Tech Mavericks. The small 2-year school in Goodland had just spent the last 2 years putting together a football team and were recruiting Sellers heavily. On National Signing Day, Sellers famously picked up the Northwest Tech hat, without hesitation, and put it on without even sitting down at the table. His only words to the media that day were "I want to play football in my hometown. These guys are giving me that chance and I'm taking it. To those who may be doubting my decision, just wait and see".

Many in the media did doubt Sellers to no end, saying that he "made a mistake" and "took a gamble that may ruin his career". The young quarterback made no further comments to his detractors, only saying briefly, "I said what I said that day and I'm sticking with it".

The new Maverick quarterback didn't have to wait long to silence his detractors, as the Mavericks' season-opener against Ohio State proved to the college football world that Sellers knew what he was doing all along. Northwest Tech trailed 21-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter before Sellers led an unbelievable comeback, throwing a passing touchdown, running one in himself, and handed off a running touchdown to halfback Jim Smith. Sellers would add another passing touchdown in overtime to make it 28-21. The Mavs defense would shut down Ohio State on their drive and Northwest Tech would shock the college football world, beating the defending National Champions in the school's first-ever football game.

Sellers would continue his athletic dominance through out the 2015 season, only missing 1 game due to a sprained ankle in practice before a road game against Arizona. It would be the only loss Northwest Tech would have all season. However, this would not stop the Mavs from reaching the Sugar Bowl, which was designated as the National Championship Game, against Colorado State. Sellers would once again lead a comeback in this game. Down 21-14 at halftime, the Mavs came back in the 2nd half to tie the game on a run by Jim Smith, and would take the lead after another rushing touchdown by fullback Dan Jenkins. Sellers would carry the ball into the end zone twice, once on an option run, and the other on a QB sneak. Northwest Tech would go on to win the game 38-21, and would secure both the Sugar Bowl and the National Championship.

2016 saw even more dominance from Sellers. He would continue to lead Northwest Tech to more wins with his athletic prowess and an even better throwing arm than in 2015. The Mavericks would finish 12-0 and would make it to the National Championship game, beating Southern Methodist University in one of the most one-sided National Championships in history. Sellers was noted for his running ability and elusiveness, as well as his throwing ability, especially when throwing the deep ball. Despite his historic single-season performance, Sellers didn't win the Heisman Trophy either year at Northwest Tech.

Marshall University (2017-2018) Edit

Following a legendary tenure at Northwest Tech, Brad Sellers had completed the maximum 2 years at the Goodland school. When it came down to transferring, Sellers cited the excitement of being the underdog as his reason for picking Marshall to continue his college career. The Thundering Herd would go on to finish 11-2, winning the Conference USA Title and the Cotton Bowl over Texas Christian University.

2018 would see more success for Sellers. The now-senior quarterback would lead Marshall to a 13-0 season, winning the Conference USA Title for the 2nd consecutive year and an appearance in the National Championship Game. Sellers would once again put on an amazing performance over Florida to win the National Championship. It would be Marshall's 3rd National Title and their first-ever Division 1-A National title.

National Football League Edit

Sellers was drafted in the 4th round, 121st overall in the 2019 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. The reason why Sellers was ranked so low in the Draft pool was because of his potential risk as a dual-threat quarterback. Many analysts said his versatility could alter his ability to adapt to the pro level. However the Lions took a gamble on him, and on September 15th, 2019 Sellers made his NFL debut on the road against the Green Bay Packers. The game went well as he would score a rushing touchdown and would throw 2 passing TDs en route to a 35-0 win for the Lions. Unfortunately this would be the only game Sellers would play in the NFL so far, as favoritism within the organization towards starting QB Matt Stafford would keep Sellers on the bench the rest of the season. On February 7th, 2020 Sellers announced that the Lions decided to not offer him an extension on his 1-year contract, and that he would be leaving, making Sellers a free agent.

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